Super Ad Blocker 4.6 Review

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PROS / Provides popup protection as well as antispyware features.

CONS / Only works with Internet Explorer and FireFox.

VERDICT / This is still the best popup blocker software on the market.

Super Ad Blocker, our top-ranked popup blocker software and winner of our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award, has improved quite a bit since we first reviewed it. It now goes beyond basic popup blocking and can block banner ads in Yahoo, AOL and MSN instant messengers; it also offers additional features like cookie and browser history cleaning, flash ad blocking and home page hijacker prevention. It can block popups in both Internet Explorer and FireFox, and to sweeten the deal, this popup software comes with free 24/7 customer service.

We are happy to report that the free trial download of this product installed, we ran into quite a few problems with other popup blocker software downloads. Another added benefit of this product is that it comes with a free download of SUPERantispyware, which is a more updated product. However, like most popup blocker software this one does not appear to be as up-to-date as other internet security products. On their website they do not list Windows 7 compatibility and their website copyright has not been updated since 2008. We actually would recommend that you look into an antispyware product like Spy Sweeper that can offer way more protection for less money.

Feature Set

One unique feature that Super Ad Blocker popup blocker includes is the ability to block sponsored and search ads, the ads that appear on the top or right side of your screen when using a search engine (such as Google). It also goes beyond basic popup blocking and can also block trojans, keyloggers and browser helper objects (BHOs).

The pop up blocker software also does a great job at blocking Flash and media type ads. However, we would like to see future versions display "Ad" or something similar as a placeholder so that you can tell there was an ad there.

Super Ad Blocker is easy to use and understand popup blocker software. Once installed all of its tools and features are available via a single click on your Windows taskbar. Like most popup blocker software, Super Ad Blocker requires you to close any active browser windows before installing it. However, you are told that you need to do so, which allows you to save your work before closing the browser windows.


When we ran Super Ad Blocker through a gauntlet of various popups, it successfully blocked all the popups and popunders. They also claim to pass the popup ad test site called, which will allow you to test you popup blocker software for free.


Super Ad Blocker offers homepage protection, which keeps browser hijackers from changing your homepage without your permission. This popup blocker software also will clean your tracks, which means that it easily cleans your browser history and cookies. It will even perform a thorough cleaning of your recycle bin.

The one security feature that Super Ad Blocker lacks is the ability to protect your settings with a password. Even though we feel this is a minor security feature, it would be a nice option in future versions.

Help & Support

The help and documentation support in Super Ad Blocker is excellent. Additionally, they now offer free 24/7 customer support by email. Online they post FAQs that cover all of the basics and a link to instantly get your product registration number from Super Ad Blocker if you lose yours.


Overall we have been very pleased with Super Ad Blocker through the years. This popup blocker software performs consistently, and we like the extra features like media ad blocking, home page hijacker prevention and antispyware functions. Plus 24/7 customer support is hard to beat.